New lawn, Just Want to Water a Few Minutes Per Hour

I have a Rachio 2. I have just installed a new lawn. I have spent the last 90 minutes trying to figure out how to do what should be a very simple thing: establish a fixed interval watering schedule that waters two of my zones for a few minutes every hour. In every scenario I create I end up with a watering schedule (based on the home screen) that only waters a few times per day, as though there is a programming limitation. Of course, that can’t be the case, because if there was a programming limitation inherent to the device, the software would inform the user that was attempting to create a new schedule, or enable multiple schedules, that the limit had been reached, right? RIGHT?

For instance, I figured one work-around would be to create a series of fixed daily watering schedules, each of which was staggered at two hour intervals (i.e. schedule 1 ran at 0600, schedule 2 ran at 0800, etc) I created four schedules, one each for 0600, 0800, 1000, and 1200 and the home screen showed all four scheduled waterings. I then created 1400, but the home screen did NOT incorporate 1400. Instead, the following day’s schedule was displayed (i.e. 0600, 0800, etc). the same thing happened when I attempted to create a series of daily schedules staggered every hour. However, I didn’t realize that the home screen was not displaying more than three or four watering times for a given day, even though I had programmed and enabled a dozen per day.

Is the home screen inaccurate? Does it have a display limitation on a per-day basis? if not, and there is a programming limitation that rejects the additional schedule why am I able to create and enable five or more fixed daily watering schedules?

Luckily the IFTT thing seems to be working. Trouble is, I am going out of town tomorrow at 0400 for three days (it;s almost midnight now) and I am not confident that the IFTT feature will continue to work properly…

I guess the problem here is that I never imagined that my sprinkler controller configuration would be the one of the most difficult aspects of planting a new lawn: I just presumed it would be completely intuitive. If I had known it was going to be this big a pain I would never have planted before a trip.