New lawn day schedule only

I read the tech notes but they’re either incomplete or outdated.
I have a newly seeded lawn.
On my GENERATION3_16ZONE, I simply want to create a schedule to start at 7 am and run hourly until 9 pm. Simple, right?
I see an option for “start by” and “end by”, but not both.
I’m tired of creating fake zones and schedules in order to prevent actual zones from running during nighttime. It seems like they start stacking up after a while and things get out of whack.

Can you help?

Until Rachio adds your feature request, here is one way to achieve what you need. It’s a little complicated to setup, but once you have the settings dialed in, it does work.

You will have to run your other zones at night, while this schedule is in effect.

I’m trying your schedule, but have a couple of questions. I set it up per your screen shot and the schedule says it won’t start until tomorrow, although I programmed start today. Is that expected behavior?
How does the program know to stop at 7pm?
I did a “Quick Run” and it said it would run for 48 minutes, I let it run past the 2 minutes in the program and then stopped it.
Any clarification / knowledge appreciated.

I seem to remember that the schedule started the next day after setting it up.

It “knows to stop at 7 pm” based upon the start time AND the total number of minutes of watering and soaking.