New iOS (2.1) and Android (2.2.0-115) apps released

Excited to announce new mobile releases today. Main feature is zone moisture level and zone moisture graph data. We also allow you to empty or fill each individual zone moisture balance.



On iOS 9 the cards for weather and zones are blank. I tried logging out and back in

Any possibility of allowing landscape mode on IOS when looking at the moisture graph and table?

@mateo_rachio Is this possible?

I like it.

I have the same issue with the cards being blank on iOS 9.

In the next few weeks (before the Apple launch) we will have an official iOS 9 release.


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Thanx for the moist iOS graph. It is a REALLY nice add, the best couchware yet hands down. Yall need to add a bong/cigar box/joint emoticon up in hur, would have used either.


So how do we determine when the moisture balance as “full”? I think my lawn is getting overwatered a bit but that is just from the feel under my feet - the Iro says it is bouncing off zero moisture balance. I think it is underestimating how much water is hitting the grass and since the system has no idea how many heads I have running my guess is that it thinks that there are less than are actually present in my lawn.

Would I do some sort of soil moisture test to determine when I would “fill up” the moisture level?

We added the fill up feature mainly for when first creating a flex schedule and your zone has just been watered or you want to have the Iro assume that the zone was just watered. I wouldn’t usually use empty/fill unless you feel that the zone needs to be reset, in that you want flex to water tomorrow, or you want it to start at the top and work its way down to the next watering.


Here is a thought experiment that I want to run through. Let’s say my lawn is very dry and I water it. My guess is that the moisture balance would not be “full”. How do I know physically when I am “full”? From there I think balancing will be easier, but what defines full is a question that I have.

I am also wondering why I see 9" as a default for lawn root depth. If you go down 9" on my lawn you are into decomposed granite with zero roots.

Our equations use input data to get a close estimate as to what full is (the run time generated on a zone in a flex schedule). Other than that, you’d need a soil moisture probe to get your exact levels.

That is the average root zone depth for warm season grass. To accurately measure this you can use a soil sampling probe. I used one for my lawn (I have cool season grass with a RZD of 6") and it was pretty spot-on.