New installtion - Rachio 3 - replacing intermatic with indexing valve

Hey guys. Hoping to get some help. I installed a rachio 3 on my home with well water. But my neighbor needs help with installing his on city water.

He currently has:

  • 3 zone indexing valve
  • intermatic timer

Replacing with

  • Individual zones
  • Rachio 3

here is what we have:

  • rachio 3 controller
  • 3 valve Orbit Manifold

We need a back flow preventer, correct? someone point me in that direction?
And what else would we need? Besides the obvious PVC plumbing.

I’ve done it to mine several years ago, but seems like I’ve forgotten LOL

Backflow device is code in most areas if the irrigation system is plumbed into the house potable water. If you have a dedicated irrigation line from the city, then it usually isn’t needed.

You can also do above ground installation of the valves and use anti-siphon valves, which will work as a backflow and isolate the system. I personally don’t care for the cheap box store Orbit stuff, but all the manufacturers make this style valve and is readily available at most box stores.