New installation - does this sound right?

I installed my Rachio on 6/18. After setting up all of the zones and giving it a weather station about 3 miles away, it scheduled my first watering for 6/28. I thought that seemed odd. The forecast did call for rain for the next few days and it turns out we did get quite a bit of rain over those days, so I chalked it up to the Rachio being a good weatherman. Long story short, the sprinklers ran for the first time this morning (7/16). We have had a very wet summer so it’s made some sense that it hasn’t ran and the grass has looked great, so it is no problem. However, the sprinkler hasn’t reported any rain delays during this time. This morning, it ran 5 of my 6 zones (skipping the flower bed) for 5 cycles each. This is in spite of the fact that we got a decent shower yesterday evening (though they were scattered showers and the weather station may not have gotten any).

Again, it hasn’t been a problem as we have gotten a lot of rain this summer, but I would have expected to see it reporting rain delays regularly during this time.

Am I doing anything wrong? Is this something that should even out as the sprinkler controller gathers more info?

Congrats on your Rachio and all that rain. I live in the Arizona desert so I’ve at least heard of rain but don’t typically experience much firsthand. Flex Daily doesn’t exactly do a “rain delay” per se but instead tracks soil moisture like a balance sheet. Water from the sky adds to that balance sheet just like irrigation, and moisture your plants lose to the environment subtracts. Rachio won’t water on Flex Daily until the moisture balance drops below a certain level. The best way to watch this is in the moisture graphs and details that the Rachio app provides for each zone. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the info! Yeah, we have been lucky with an unseasonable amount of rain this year after a bad drought last year.

I’ll take a closer look at the moisture levels in the zones. Thanks again!

If it is,a,flex daily schedule, rarely will you get a rain delay notification, the moisture balance keeps the system from running. I’m assuming this,is,the schedule type you are using