New installation - dealer’s lack of support


I just had a second generation controller installed by a local dealer. It has been a terrible experience, the controller is not working properly and the installer hasn’t done anything to fix it yet after several days he was notified of the problem.

I have a few questions and would be grateful for any advice you can give me:

  1. Two zones are not working. No water comes out when they are turned on. Is there anything I can do while waiting for the installer to come back?
  2. I need to ditch the current service provider. Where can I find a list of authorized support companies? And if I break ties with the company that installed it, what would that do to my warranty?


Do you know if the two zones not working are in their own valve box separate from the others? If so, there is a chance that there is a missing common wire. Otherwise, check the wiring at the controller and valves to see if the wires are fully seated into the Rachio, and correctly tied in to the valve solenoids.

As for warranty, it shouldn’t matter who did the install, or who the “dealer” is. You, the homeowner have the warranty.

Thank you for the reply. Although my knowledge of how a sprinkler system works is very limited, I don’t think the two zones share a valve box, they are in two areas far apart from each other (one in the front, the other in the back of the house). And I had already checked if the wires are fully connected in the box, and they appear to be.

Perhaps I should move the wires now connected to the two zone to other zones currently empty and see if that changes anything, but I suspect it will not. I suspect (but of course I cannot be sure) that there is a problem with my system that only now was detected because of the replacement of the controller. Since it may take a while before I find another contractor who can come and check the system for me, I was wondering if there was any hope I could troubleshoot the problem myself. Thank you,