New Install

Changed out my Hunter with a Ranchio 2 today, easy as pie. Was afraid I’d need to buy a range extender since my garage wifi is about 5mbps on my 100mbps network, but no issues so far. Set up 6 zones, scheduled to water on Wed and Sat (my allowed days). My run time total is 2 hours (almost an hour more than I had my hunter set manually).

I changed square footage of each zone to what’s actually watered (like one 500’ down to 300’, and one 500’ to 1600’). Wouldn’t this change the run time (it doesn’t), or it just assumes there’s more heads in the larger zones? Could only input head type, not number of heads. One zone (1600’) I have 3 big Hunter rotors at least 25’ radius and one small Rainbird nozzle with 15’ radius. How does it know?

Can’t wait to see it in action (or at least the results)!

@tcat007 - welcome to the community. Rachio uses the precipitation rate and efficiency to determine how long to water. Changing the area will change the total amount of water that Rachio thinks you’re using and will report as savings or usage. For the zone with the 3 rotors and 1 nozzle, a catch cup audit would determine that zone’s precipitation rate and efficiency and that would be used for the entire zone (some areas would get more, some less - due to the efficiency).


I plan on buying the catch cups when Home Depot or Walmart has them back in stock (cheapest at Walmart). I love the “yard” page allowing your own photos! Ran one cycle last night, went well.

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