New Install Problem - No valves seem to work

I have received the unit and installed it today replacing a RainBird Modular ESP with only 4 zones.
No problem with wifi and configuration but the valves just don’t work.
There a before and after photos attached. and yes, I used the advanced configuration for master valve.

I have tried with and without the rain sensor to no avail.

Support didn’t help much and I’m about to give it up and send it back. despite the nice app interface.

Can you send before and after wiring photos to []?

I’ll have the support team review and get feedback to you.



well, I did . got a couple of suggestions (connectors… MV settings) but that did nothing… silent eversince…

Thanks, I have our team reviewing.


do you hear the solenoids opening and closing?

Most likely nothing, but in your before picture, I see a yellow and baby blue wire. Are those extras? And what for. What I’m getting at is maybe the master valve is grounded on one of those and not the common wire, thus need to be attached to the C terminal.

Thank you!
What are the odds?! the master valve connection was broken. all works now. the photo of the connection is correct!.
But how can one tell if the Rain/Temp sensor (RainBird) works?

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Most sensors have a way to manually test (button?).

Once enabled (Device Settings --> Advanced), you should see an event in the activity card (tap on tab lower left hand corner). Also, a push notification will be sent if you have that enabled.

One known firmware defect is when enabling/disabling the rain senor in the app, the setting won’t get picked up until the device is power cycled. This has been fixed in the firmware, just waiting for the right time to deploy the patch.

Hope this helps.


I test mine by pouring water in it until it trips. Depending on the sensor you might have to pour a lot of water in it.

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I know for a fact it that the sensor works, it has an LCD display. but unfortunately Ranchio doesnt have a clear indicator anywhere telling you watering is suspended due to a triggered sensor (low temperature or rain).
I would love to see that at the App dashboard.

It sends a push notification if the sensor trips. I guess that is what I was getting at. I do wish you could see these in the d vice notifications.

I would definitely add this to the main screen.
If rain sensor disables irrigation that should be all over the main screen, at least a red stripe or something like that.
Also, I can clearly tell that the app interface was designed by engineers :blush: the main screen should be much more simplified and less busy. Take an example from Nest or Apple…
The fact that a photo of the unit and the current temperature take half the screen is not useful. The first few things I want to see is the current state, recent past, and next cycles.
Maybe switch things around and simplify graphics.
Just my two pixels :wink:

Thanks for the feedback, I agree the rain sensor state should be visible in the app. This is in our software backlog.

I’ll be sure to forward the rest of your comments to our product team.

Thanks again for the feedback!


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