New install having issues with zones

I have 18 zones, and used two controllers to make this work along with 2 isolaters. Zones 1-4, 12 and 14 are not working. If I go and manually turn on the solenoid, it works fine. The zones were working perfectly fine before I did the install. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!


@sthinda - can pictures of the wiring for both controllers and the isolators be posted? Is there anything in common for these six zones?

@sthinda - let’s try to simplify things first. It looks like there were four common wires on two terminals on the original controller (I can’t tell 100% if there is an arrow for valve common on the fifth terminal - what is the make and model of the older controller)?

I’d wire nut the four white common wires (one thick, three thin) together along with a pig tail to go into the Rachio’s C port directly. In other words I want to take the isolaters out of the loop for debugging.

Then see if all the zones that are connected work. Then we can work on integrating in the isolators and the second Rachio.

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The older controller looks like an Irritrol MC 18 plus.

@DLane what you recommended worked. All zones are working now. I think it was a loose connection with the control valves. Thanks!!