New hydroseed and looking for input on setting a schedule

Hi, I just had two zones hydroseeded here in Massachusetts. I have never used irrigation nor the Rachio before and wanted some feedback. I would like to start watering at 530 am every 4 hours. I understand how to set that but I have no idea what cycle and soak is. Is this something I should use. Also, if I make one schedule for both zones, will it know to alternate zones so I am not running both at the same time? Basically, what is the best way to set my Rachio while I am trying to water every few hours? Thanks

Since you probably don’t want to water every 4 hours at night also, I would just set up Fixed Schedules for each watering time. Maybe 8am, noon, and 4pm. That’s how I handle my fall overseeding schedules.


Thanks Linn. This method will still skip watering based on intelligence right?