New house, transfer controller ownership

Hello Rachio brain trust! I recently purchased a new home in south Florida and can’t get connected due to the previous owner already having an account. He cannot help with this as he has no paperwork ( for this or anything else) and need to create my own. Looking forward to getting hooked up. Thanks

Hey @Poolkingsfla!

You can request a transfer of ownership in the Rachio app :slight_smile:

You can learn more about our Transfer Ownership feature here.

:cheers: Lo

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How does the Rachio team determine the first type of transfer request is valid. Do you reach out to the current owner behind the scenes and confirm the unit isn’t stolen?

Great question @scorp508!

When a device is reported stolen, our support team flags those devices so we can check for anything fishy. We also manually check each request to keep an eye out for any other fishy circumstances (one person requesting a ton of devices, etc.). Lastly, the previous owner is also emailed so they will know immediately if their ownership was transferred - similar to a password reset emails, it prompts a “if this wasn’t you, let us know” type of response.

With our current method and our paper trail, we are confident that we’re keeping a close eye on these transfer requests so that the transfer is only completed if legitimate, but we can easily switch things back to the previous owner if something is missed.

:cheers: Lo

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Nice, it may be useful to add some of those details to the page to put owners at ease. :slight_smile:

An extreme scenario which should fit into your ‘lastly’ scenario; If a family was away at the time of a theft they may not know the device is gone and have not reported it stolen by the time someone else tries to activate it.

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Great idea @scorp508 - I’ll let the team know we should add that disclaimer somewhere! But yes, that is a good example of an extreme scenario. In that case, the family could reach out and let us know that their device was stolen, we can track that controller, see that it was recently transferred, and get the situation squared away pretty quickly!