New House, cant connect existing controller

I just bought a new house, and it has an existing Rachio controller in it. I wanted to add the controller, however, the app won’t allow me. I Confirmed with the previous owner that they released this controller as they have set up a new one in their new house. but the app is saying as it on their account… I really need some help !

Clearly he didn’t release it properly then !!!

@championc is correct. They need to transfer ownership to your registered email account period. Very simple.

However, I’m sure contacting support will help you verify the transfer process if the owners are absent or unsuccessful on their end since your in possession of the unit.

Having their full name and email account would help… As a Rachio Pro I have run into this issue even when I’ve had no information from previous owners selling a property to a new client and we were up and running in minutes.

Unfortunately, Rachio is no longer supporting us Pro’s and licensed contractors in the field. Otherwise if they supported the Pro Web page you could call us directly as you normally would in your area for service and upgrades!

Thank you for the input! i was able to get help with support and my sprinklers are now working!