New home, moved Rachio, starting to get some brown spots. Advice welcomed

Hi all! Coming to you from Washoe Valley, Nevada (just south of Reno). For those not familiar, we are about 350 miles north of Vegas and high desert (5200 feet). As expected, hot and dry summers, normally high 90’s during summer with cool nights.

The prior owner was watering daily at sunset with good results.

We are in a sandy area (native earth) although we have a layer of loam where the grass is planted.

I appreciate any advice!

Sounds and looks similar to mine. Differences that matter (name, area, photo do not matter):

  • Spray Head: Rotary
  • Available Water: 0.07
  • Root Depth 9
  • Efficiency: 80%
  • Nozzle Inches Per Hour: 0.05

What type of schedule are you on? A big difference is my rotary heads put out less water than the rotor heads (hence the nozzle inches per hour). I probably would suggest checking that rate. I am on a flex daily schedule and it waters less than every other day for about 43 minutes. However, with all that said, if it is good results, would you want to change it? I am sure some might more have some advice if you want to save more water, have deeper & healthier roots, or whatever.

Thanks for the reply- it’s a flex daily schedule and was running 30 minutes every 2 days or so.

We started browning up in a few areas pretty quickly. I suspect as the prior owner was running daily that I might have shallow roots combined with sandy base causing water to drain off quickly. We have been in the house about 10 days with the Rachio running in place of the old rain bird.

I might have been a little confusing in my post. The prior owner had good results on daily for an old rain bird system. I have been browning up quickly.

They had it running 60 minutes daily. I want to make adjustments to get close to that.