New Grass Seed Op

Many lawn companies tell you to keep your new grass seed moist, but at 5he same time recommend only watering twice a day. Unfortunately Rachio does not offer that option, only extending to every six hours. Can you add the option for twice a day?

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Just run 2 fixed schedules.

I’d also agree, 2 times isn’t enough.

Rachio really needs to make it easier to have a schedule with multiple start times that runs only during a set time frame (such as 7 am to 6 pm, or whatever).

In the meantime, here’s a work around that allows you to have as many start times as you want with just one schedule:

This. I’d love a new seed option.

I do the same thing but use 15 min per zone with a 5 min Cycle time and 300 min soak time to get 3 waterings throughout the day. The only problem is if you have any others cycles scheduled during the day they get delayed until this one completes. Works great for germinating seed even when its hot.