New Grass Seed Idaho

When you plant grass seed, here in Idaho It would be nice if there was an option to tell the Iro that a zone has new grass seed, and then once automatic schedules come out automatically adjust the schedules for the zones with the new seed to run for shorter periods more frequently to keep the new seed moist we have Loam soil here

Hey @armyguy2989

Great suggestion! Thank you! I love the idea of having this on auto. I’ll make sure to share with the team :slight_smile:

For now, we do have this article on how to set up a schedule for new seed. Let me know if this helps in the time being!


This is what I have when I do that

When I got to make one it does not show me hourly at all

Huh… investigating. Stay tuned.

@armyguy2989 - can I confirm that you’re setting up a fixed schedule?

Also, I misspoke - you can have multiple hourly schedules on your account, so that wouldn’t be an issue!

Yes i was trying to set up a fixed one

Let’s try this - Can you double check that you’re on the most updated version of the app? If so, I think I’m going to send you over to our support team so we can do a deeper dive into this. I can’t seem to replicate it so I’m thinking our support team can dive into it a bit more.

Yes there’s no updates

Shoot! If you don’t mind, I think reaching out to support directly would be the best bet here if you’re up for it! Their email is

hi @armyguy2989, do you have Rachio Gen 1?
Unfortunately Rachio Generation 1 does not support Hourly Interval watering.

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I just upgraded today and I see it now thanks

I have a gen 1 and I just upgraded today and I see it now thanks

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