New grass - need to water three times a day. How?

As the subject says . . . I’ve already checked similar posts here, but none seems to offer a solution.

I want to do something that (at least in my mind) is super easy - a schedule for the next 21 days, to water a subset of my zones three times a day, at chosen times, for 15 mins each zone. So it would be like:

FROM NOW 'TIL NOW + 21 days do:
AT 06:00 AM, 12:00 PM and 06:00 PM do:
Zone 1 - water for 15 mins
Zone 2 - water for 15 mins
Zone 3 - water for 10 mins
etc etc etc

The only way I can see to do this now is to create three separate “Fixed Days”, make them run at the times I want them to run.

Is there any other way to do this ? Also - not being able to DUPLICATE or COPY an existing schedule is a total pain in the neck.


Currently that is the best solution.

We are rebuilding our entire calendaring software for next year, and will support this and many, many other features :wink:


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Thanks, Franz ! Out of curiosity - do you keep anywhere (either here @ forums or at your web site) a list of future releases w/ which enhancements are planned for each one ? And new features on new releases?

Kind of “release notes” and roadmap - is there anything like that accessible to customers ?


Great question, we do have an extensive roadmap for next year, as we get closer to launch I will provide more details.

We are re-building our cloud platform and client apps from the ground up and will be including many highly requested features.

I’d like to provide more details but don’t want to give too much away :wink:

We will be getting better at having one consistent place for release notes. Any future software releases we will have a place on our support site with these notes.

Hope this helps.


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