New Grass - How to set schedule

I have new (Hydroseeded) grass. I need to water 10 times per day btwn 8-6 (roughly) about 3 minutes each. Any easy way to set that up?


We appreciate you purchasing an Iro. Thanks for reaching out to us.

So with this scenario your best bet may be to use IFTTT. I am not sure if you are familiar with this but basically what you can do is create recipes (commands) for the Iro. So you could create one watering time with all of your zones that have seed and setup Google calendar events that will trigger this watering time to run. I can walk this through with you on the phone if you would like. Or if you want to email us at I can email you the steps that you would need to do.

Let me know what works best.


Yes, I’ll call in.

if you get an iftt recipe to work, please post what you did here?

Probably would be better to have support post what instructions they offered to email to me. I’d still like a call, but i would hate to tell you wrong plainsane.

Kevin, I can’t get any help from support. The tech I talked to didn’t know and said he was going to have someone call… No one ever called.

@ccwtech, Emil here, filling in for @kevinro. Zach (with our support team) had to build a custom IFTTT recipe for you. He’ll be calling you shorty. Sorry for the delay.


We are going to be giving you a call soon. Really sorry for the delay on this.

@plainsane There are a couple already posted. Just would need some tweaking based on specifics.

sure, i keep waiting for somethign that does not require a google calendar .

This recipe: doesn’t require a Google calendar :wink:

What would you like to accomplish using IFTTT? Maybe we can think up a recipe for it.

Best, Emil

if my external rain sensor trips i want to impose a 2 day rain delay. the last few weeks here rachio has not done the best job with predicted rain, well, not really rachio, more the lower chance of rain that actually materialized. my flexies have still run 2 times, the day after my rain sensor tripped.

Working on an IFTTT trigger for just that. It’s going to support every event type in our system :wink:


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dang @franz, you hunter pounced that one like a maniac. you must be keeping really close tabs on me after the lower your price thread.

i have hope, i keep hoping…was naively optimistic that this recipient was gonna learn me something that i could leverage.

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You will be able to roll your own recipe triggered by any event in our system to any channel action of your liking.


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That whole thread was exactly what everyone thought it was, I’ll know better next time.

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well, im super stoked to know that yall didnt redirect my iro to the “burn turf” plugin. yall have a good holiday. i absolutely cant wait for the official app to drop on monday, my iphone needs some flexy love BIG TIME BRO!

That will be in 2.0, don’t worry!

You too!