New Google Home Integration - Only 3 commands?

I see that Rachio now has a proper google home integration and there is no more need to say “hey google, tell rachio to …”… but now… it seems theres literally 2 commands that work. hey google water the lawn, or hey google stop watering… it doesn’t work with specific zones for me. i can’t tell it how long. i can’t tell it about rain delays, or how long to go into delay. to go into or out of stand by mode… this integration seems flat out awful… whats the deal?

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Any updates here, Rachio??


What other commands would you like to see?

It looks like you can do the following:

I’m confident you can do this yourselves using the Rachio API and the Google Assistant developer tools.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I know you can build custom commands to trigger whatever you can imagine. Rachio’s API lets you control specific zones for specific amounts of time and you could build a skill that you could trigger the API commands to your hearts desire.

I’d like to be able to saw “hey google, water the front lawn for 10 minutes”

Right now, all it will understand is “water the lawn” and it only waters it for 3 minutes. How do I adjust this duration and activate it using a google home command?

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You can also say “Ok Google, pause irrigation” and it will stop watering for about 3 mins.

Pretty much all the obvious things that you would want

Water zone X for 15 minutes

Water zone XYZ for 15 minutes

Pause zone X

I would like to have control from the Google Home app as well