New Generation2 doesn’t power up

I received my new Rachio 16 zone controller today. After watching the video, removing the old hunter controller and wiring up the new Rachio 16 I connected the Power and waited. Nothing happened. No Power to the Unit. I can hear the I plugged transformer to another outlet, put my ear to it and car hear it humming. Plugged it back to the unit, still no power, I am guessing that I have gotten a dead unit. Sadly my purchase was a new unit on sale from woot so it will take me a while for an RMA, any advise while I wait?

@Cirnek - Rachio has been great on customer support. The Rachio device comes with a two year warranty. I’d send an email to give them the serial number and see what they do. I have seen an instance of a DOA power supply before. Do you have a voltmeter that you could measure the voltage on the barrel of the power supply with?

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Thanks DLane. I spoke with support and confirmed that the power adapter was DOA. Alex with support has a new one in route to me.

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