New Gen 2 -- professional install -- power cycles on every manual run

Hey guys,

I picked up a Rachio Gen 2 online, and had one of the guys from my local sprinkler company install last week (to replace a working Irritrol KD-9.) I’m getting all lights on the clock.

After the install, it was throwing the GFCI on every manual run, and the installer blamed it on my (six-year-old) home wiring. I hired an electrician to check the home wiring, and that circuit in particular, and he saw no issues.

Now the Gen 2 just power cycles when I try to kick off a manual run on the clock or using the remote on the app…auto runs aren’t happening, but we’ve had plenty of rain here in Fort Worth so I haven’t been too concerned.

I would like to get things going before we go dry this summer however…any suggestions?

@chrisFW Can you send before/after wiring pictures to This sounds like a simple wiring issue.