New features to consider

i would like you to consider adding 2 features that i would find very helpful

if its a little damp or too dry, i would like the ability to change the next watering by a %, as an example, add 30% time, or decrease 50%

and another thing to consider please is the ability to delay start time by an amount of time

in florida, our wells are very sulphur ridden, and if we are out late by the pool, instead of cancelling the watering, i would like to be able to quickly and easily delay it


PS, i am bothering to comment because i love my Rachio

and as a former CEO of a large company, i know how helpful constructive input is.

What’s the use case for that?

What metric would you use delay the schedule?

Yea, this is on their road map, a bunch of requests have been made for this, I too want it when I find a split in my drip

the use case? ok… i can see when my grass in an area is dry and browning, and we have large fluctuations in seasonal rain here in florida, so instead of changing my individual times each month for all 12 zones, changing the whole watering cycle up or down by a percentage is much easier than changing all my zone times.

There is a seasonal adjustment feature, if that doesn’t fit the bill, the flex daily schedule will. Hard to setup initially, but we can help, tracks estimated moisture in the ground and adjusts watering frequency based on rainfall, wind, solar radiation and irrigated water. I,run it and love it.

One other feature which would be helpful is allowing us to set the time between cycles. It’s fixed right now and having the ability to increase or decrease it based on the zone would be good. I have one zone with an area that gets “too much” water in a typical cycle due to runoff. Another area that doesn’t get enough. Both on turf. Impossible to separate the zone into two zones. Would ideally like to add a little more time between cycles so that I allow the “flooded” area to dry a bit more before starting another cycle.

sounds helpful, where do i find and adjust the seasonal adjustment feature

I’m not certain, it’s in each schedule, maybe somebody else will chime in, I’m beta testing the new release and everything is different so I can’t guide you.

The smart cycle feature breaks up the watering to prevent run off. I don’t know if it is in the current version of the flex daily.