New Established Sod: Best way to convert daily fixed to flex schedule

Hello, I’m new here. I recently set up my Gen 2 8 zone to help my new sod (tall fescue w/ 10% bluegrass). I set the fixed schedule for 3x daily for the last 12 days. Sod is nice and established now. I fear over watering now and need to come up with a good schedule to keep my lawn healthy. My lawn yesterday started turning uniformly yellowing on just the very tips of the blades. I live in Southern California, ventura county to be more exact. I was hoping for some help for the best way and least traumatic way to switch from a fixed daily 3x to flex. I have loam soil fixed nozzles. Thank you In advance. I just want to get ahead of any potential problems. [details=Summary]This text will be hidden[/details]

Hey @dreday383!
I would recommend going into the zone settings for your newly sodded zone and cranking down your root zone depth, since your roots are most likely not established to that depth yet. This should increase the frequency of your watering (it will also decrease duration.) I would then create a flex schedule, and see what you think about the projected watering schedule. As time goes on, you can slowly adjust the RZD back out to the appropriate value.
If it stills seems to be too little, or you are still nervous, you can also set up a fixed schedule to run on that zone along side the flex. You can create it to be the absolute bare minimum you would be comfortable with, and allow flex to compensate for the rest. This way, you can see your flex react to the fixed, and give yourself time to get your settings tuned without losing your lawn.
Let me know what you think of those-
McKynzee :rachio:

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Thanks for the advice! Seems to be working out fine. Grass looks like it’s doing better and as time goes on I’ll change the roots value like you suggested. Thank you.


@dreday383 Of course, I’m glad to hear it’s going well!

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