New deployment frustration

I’ve had a Hydropoint controller deployed for many years…did a great job in spite of its non-user friendly interface. When they “end-of-life’d” my model several months ago I converted to Rachio. My experience with the Rachio controller and the community has been great. Problem is, I live in Southern California where this summer’s temperatures have been all over the map. Because of the multitude of temperatures from 70 to 100 plus, I really don’t know if my configuration is correct. I can tell that my yard is stressed, but I cannot attribute it to the controller. My recent water bill has been the highest ever as have my neighbors’ bills. My frustration is that I don’t think I can really evaluate the effectiveness of my Rachio configuration until I complete an annual cycle. Any advice/encouragement is appreciated.

Hey @lynnsegal-

I am sorry to hear you haven’t had a good experience with Rachio thus far. Hopefully we can get you up and running without issues. To start troubleshooting, I will need some more info. What schedule type are you using? Have you configured your zones?

McKynzee :rachio: