New customer, new house, and landscaper setup my controller on his account

Hello -
I am a new Rachio customer and just recently moved into our new home. The landscaper was kind enough to install and configure the controller, however when he did so, he provisioned the controller to his personal Rachio account, not knowing that by doing so with leave me with no access to my new controller. I’ve been attempting to reach out to him to get this all squared away, however he has not returned my calls and I need to ability to water my lawn and landscaping! I need assistance with removing my controller from his account so that I can get the controller setup under my account. Since I am not able to make contact with my landscaper, can you help me out with this? Any assistance would greatly be appreciated.

You can follow these steps to request transfer to your account. Let us know when you have done this and I can fast track it for you.


Thank you, @franz! We got it all taken care without any issues! Appreciate your assistance!

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