New Construction Install: No WiFi yet. What to do?

I purchased my Gen 2 controller in advance of the irrigation system’s install (contractor). The home won’t have WiFi yet when that install takes place. I’m sure the installer will want to test the system. What to do?

Did you ask your contractor? I suggested mine do the install with a Rachio and they refused, they didn’t want to support it as it would require their contractors to have smartphones. Instead I let them install the dumb Hunter controller with a plan to replace it with Rachio after the fact.

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I would set it up using your phone as a hotspot.
Then schedule the zones like a dumb controller.
That will get you going, and you can test and use your sprinkler system.

When your wifi comes in, you update it and use all the features.


With Gen 2 you can try out these limited schedules (no WiFi). I’d recommend setting up a test one first to make sure they are actually running since you won’t have any feedback from our app.

@mbeijen Suggestion will also work if you want connectivity :wink:


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Thanks for the feedback. The idea of using my phone as a hotspot never occurred to me…! Great idea.