New buyer,Please help with Personal Weather Station

The current service for Personal Weather Station on the web or apps not useful for me,i live in 92584 zip code and the closet one is 6 miles away even i turn on or off Personal Weather Station,The reason i buy this device cause i know its made in usa plus u guys have a big community here to help each others,but when i compare with the rain machine its have 4 different source for Personal Weather Station: Wunderground,,, NetAtmo and i found the station only 2 miles from my house at Wunderground,

Can we make Rachio work with Wunderground? I still love my rachio,but hope you guys can help me out.

Sadly i have to return the Rachio and Get the Rainmachine which support weather underground,The closet weather station near by my house show on Rachio always have 5 to 6 Degrees to where i live.

dang, that blows, the rainmachine is a pulsating turd. sorry bro.

i kid about the pulsating turd thing, i mean, im not a huge fan of their method to handle weather changes. and im not a fan of their forums.