New App - HELP

In it’s infinite wisdom Rachio has changed the app which worked fine for many years. I have spent well over an hour attempting to reset a couple zones / sprinklers.

I have 15 sprinkler controllers in 4 zones.
Suddenly #4 sprinkler is gone and I now have two #1 sprinklers, the second one is marked “disabled.” I think that might be the missing #4?
How do you enable a disabled sprinkler?

My model is Rachio 16ZULW-B probably 6-8 years old.

@mactoolsix -

Here is the link to the support document on that ->

  1. Go to the Yard tab.
  2. If necessary hit the three stacked .'s and select Show Disabled Zones
  3. Tap on the Zone card and in the upper right hand corner there is an on/off slider for enabled. Edit the card and Enable the zone.