New alert for router setting change

My lawn started looking stressed. I went to manually water this morning and found that my unit was offline. After a lot of wasted time I found out that my wife went into our router and turned off the internet to keep my kids off of it through early morning. Can Iro send me an alert when my wife changes router settings, and/or delivery a very mild shock through the keyboard from one of my unused zones ?

@azdavidr We do send an email if the device has been offline for 24 hours and a push notification to the phone.

The other things requested might be difficult to pass through our legal team :wink:


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@franz. Of course this was intended as a light hearted post, but it’s good to know about the 24hr monitor. I didn’t realize that you guys did that. Since she scheduled the internet to be OFF from about 10pm to 10am, would I get that alert? I’m assuming that since Flex checks the servers at midnight ish my schedules wouldn’t be working?

Rachio: I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.


It has to be a contiguous 24 hours, so no.

Correct, we really like to be connected for flex daily since it is so dynamic. If this is going to be an issue you can always use a fixed schedule which will not be affected by this requirement. You will lose any dynamic weather intelligence if the internet is down.

What about separate guest networks? Then you can disable them whenever you want for however long you want. That’s how we do a lot of our testing.


If I remember right the system would water every third day? Would it use the duration already defined by my flex schedule?

Thanks for the tip. That’s definitely a good way to go. That’s essentially how I had it set up, but she went in to put that schedule to sleep in addition to the others I had for the kids. She just didn’t realize that she was messing with the wrong one.

There is a backup schedule, but we also want to make sure the device has been offline for a certain amount of time before running it, and hasn’t reconnected since. Selectively removing the controller from the internet, and then connecting it back during the day might not allow us to determine that the backup should be run. We are going to add a few more safeguards to handle these edge cases.

@franz. Thanks for that info. I agree that it’s an edge case, but with your user base expanding there may be other nutty people like us out there. I’m glad to hear you guys are adding more safeguards for this kinda thing. It’s really amazing how much you guys have to deal with regarding a smart controller, I’m guessing many of which you hadn’t anticipated when the idea popped in your head years ago!


Dude, buld a Mac filtering rule and enable disable to keep the kids off. My wife would draw back a nub if she did that at my crib!