New AcuRite Access Device


Do you have a master valve?


Yes. The problem was the system needed a reflash. It works now.


Hi intherain - what do you mean the system needed a reflash? Mine is currently doing the same thing (5 second popup when it cycles to the next zone), but I don’t have a rain sensor. This also just started happening recently. I have a Gen2 with 16 zones.


@Gene, are you aware that Weather Underground has stopped issuing the APIs required by WUFYI? have you found any alternatives to this approach?



@fightinaggie08 try it can support WMU without an API key or an acurite device directly using the hub’s ID

Using to integrate Personal Weather Stations

You can always use a Raspberry Pi running Weewx and publish to any site you want.

I have this working on a RPi 2 connected via USB to my display. It does drop USB connectivity every now an then, so I have a few scripts monitoring things to make sure all is running.