New 2.5 based schedule: How to add/remove a zone to/from schedule

The title says it all.

Since each zone in the schedule determines the overall recommended frequency and duration at build time, we don’t allow editing zones after it is created. You can set minutes to zero for the zone, or just build a new schedule. We tried to make schedule building easy enough so they can be built and previewed in a few seconds.

Hope this helps.


I ended up creating two schedules. One with all the drip style zones and the other with non-drips.
I set the starting time for all of them to 5AM. I am assuming Rachio is smart enough to figure out that it can’t turn two zones on at the same time.

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Yes, everything is queued so that should be fine.


Heh, but it isn’t smart enough to do something while waiting on a zone’smart cycle. Be prepared for many hours to compete!

Terrible terrible terrible.

I get that you guys are trying to make scheduling super high tech, but removing a function when you don’t have enough functions to begin with is just a bad idea and a good way to alienate customers.

The app still doesn’t have a basic schedule pausing function. I posted a request for this key feature over a year ago. Without a pause, I actually WASTE WATER if need to interrupt a program because there is no way to account for watering already completed when restarting.

Maybe Colorado residents have unlimited water pressure, but in my neck of Southern California, pausing a program is vital to maintaining household water pressure.

And now I have to delete and recreate schedule programs to add or remove stations. Same programming concept - “make the user start over” - RIDICULOUS.

Built, yes. Previewed, no. Unless you mean that you can see what will happen without any skipping.