Never mind!

Never mind, I read the documentation.

Playing around with it more…it works fine when I remove the front bushes zone (misters). Is it expected that smart cycling does not take effect of any zone contains misters?

You are correct, smart cycle becomes disabled if there are mister/emitter/bubbler zones in the watering schedule.

We recommend creating separate watering times to accommodate those types of zones.


Hi @banksw68, I double checked our support article on Smart Cycle and we do document that it doesn’t work with drip nozzles (Please note, if there are any bubbler, emitter, or mister nozzles in the watering time, we DO NOT Smart Cycle. Why? Most drip zones are either watering flowers with short run times to begin with, or shrubs/trees which require deep root watering. For the best result, we recommend creating watering times based on each individual zone, or grouping watering times by vegetation or nozzle type. For more information, please see Watering Times Best Practices)

I’ll review this with the support team and make it more visible. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We apologize for any confusion.

Best, Emil

Thanks Emil. Maybe add the note to the tool tip in the app next to smart cycle? Or put a notice to the user/disable the option omit incompatible nozzles are part of the zone.

@banksw68, great ideas! I’ll review these with the dev team to see what they can do.