Network not connecting

so far my worst ever DIY project
After spending 8 hours to install my Rachio worked okay for may be 15 minutes and then wen t off line. I have tried following options

  1. Wifi Reset: Worked for 2 minutes and then again off line
  2. Master reset: Never worked
  3. Changed Wifi to 2.4GHz guest network with only Rachio connected … its gets connected and confirms but afterwards when you press done the blue “circle of death” appears with the message verifying connection and nothing happens. After 5 minutes it goes to sleep and there is no device connected.


Any help is much appreciated

@dynam81 - Something doesn’t sound right - obviously, I know.

  1. Just confirming this is a Gen 2 device.
  2. When you say “blue circle of death” I’m assuming you mean on the app? And not on the device itself.
  3. Which flavor of the app - iOS or Android?
  4. What is the WiFi signal strength at the Rachio location?
  5. If you have a 5 GHz WiFi network also, does it have a different SSID (network name)?
  6. I’d run the RouteThis app ( to have the results ready for Rachio support.
  7. Do you see a WiFi network that the Rachio unit is broadcasting during setup (don’t connect to it, I just want to see if it is present)?
  8. What is the light pattern on the Rachio unit?

I feel that between the community and Rachio we’ll get it going for you.

Hey @dynam81-

I was wondering if you were ever able to get connected? I want to make sure you are up and running!

McKynzee :rachio: