Netatmo PWS with rain gauge setup: when will IRO see it?

I have the Netatmo PWS with rain gauge working and connected along with PWSweather integration. Thanks to your excellent step by step how-to Netatmo I started seeing my PWS data on the pwsweather site within a few minutes but as of right now my Rachio controller is still using a different PWS which is not what I want. My station is showing data just fine at the PWS site.

I can’t seem to figure out how to specify which PWS to use since only one is listed (the one I don’t want to rely on). Or do I just need to wait at least 24 hours as has been mentioned before?

I have this exact same setup. You need to wait about 24 hours before Rachio will start using your weather station. Rachio doesn’t pick your station up right away because it wants the best reliable data. I believe in 2.0 you can better choose a weather station, but for now check back tomorrow!

@Norida I believe @hreed1985 is correct, it does take around 24 hours.

Currently, if you have enabled PWS in device settings, we pick the station closest to you. Once your PWS goes online, it should be picked up as closest.

For our v2.0 software coming out soon, we allow you to choose and save your PWS as a preferred station.


Don’t you guys ever get a holiday break? I wasn’t expecting an answer till Tuesday. Anyway, please remember our departed warriors tomorrow.


Haha. We are relentless!

We will most certainly take time to remember and reflect on our lost soldiers tomorrow! Thank you again for your support and let us know if you have any more questions or comments.


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Can anyone confirm whether or not there is data loss during a power outage with the Netatmo and Rain Gauge? I would hope that since these devices are battery powered, they would log the data and then upload it after power and wifi are restored.

It is very common to lose power during strong storms and it is important to me that no precipitation data is lost as a result.

Thanks in advance.

@jimB34m, great question. I don’t have an answer for you…but maybe someone else does?

I have experienced a similar issue and the netatmo rain gauge will store the rain data and upload it once the connection is restored.

@1995hokie, awesome news! Thanks for confirming. I’m curious if other weather stations operate the same way…

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That is great news! Thanks for the response and confirmation.

One other question, has anyone tried using the Netatmo Rain Gauge as a rain sensor, using IFTTT? Seems like this should be possible by having IFTTT stopping your schedule if your Rain Gauge detects that it is raining, no?

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@jimB34m, good question. I know that Netatmo has an IFTTT channel so it should be possible. Looks like there’s an existing recipe that’s setup to do this.

Does anyone have any experience with this recipe?

Yeah, thanks Emil. Just curious if anyone has had any experience with using it and how well it works (e.g. is there a long delay).

well done, question for ya, did you experience an incorrect time for the percipitation once the connection was restored? i wouldnt expect this but if you tell me it was incorrect im not going to purchase one of these units.

@plainsane, good question! Thanks for catching this detail.

@plainsane I’m not sure because the power came back on within the 1 hour window that the rain gauge reports to the main unit.

@jimB34m I have set up the IFTTT channel to turn off my watering when it rains. It usually will trigger within 10-20 minutes of raining.