Netatmo integration Gen 2

Ive had a Netatmo for a couple months now and want to integrate it with my rachio gen2. I followed the instructions I found from Rachio 1-13. Issue is my site has no data. Then it doesn’t show up on Rachio either. I’ve also tried WU. No data.

Any help would be appreciated.


Paging @Gene!!!

Thanks :slight_smile: Steve has reached out to me via a private message, he should be up and running soon :wink:


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Thanks so much! I found all the other lost sheep in previous posts and tried Gene. He has been so helpful! Thx!

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Solved! I’d tell you how but I don’t know. Thanks all!

@Gene is the solution. :rofl:

Hi i have a same problem. Any one k ow the solution?


So I received help from another member setting up an account through WU. I did however follow a post outlining the steps to go through meteoware and and it became live yesterday before the WU site did. It just takes a few days before it all uploads.

My original issue was that the google maps link provided by pws (isn’t working) to match up coordinates with my station was way off so my station was showing up way down my Rachio list as if 100 miles away. I did it manually in my Google Maps app got very different coordinates and appeared the next day.

Set up meteoware and then link to and give a couple days and should appear. It does work just need a little time and appropriate location.