Netatmo as PWS for Flex Schedule

So I just setup my IRO and integrated my Netatmo. I just have a couple questions on how it works with my Netatmo. I’ve serched the forums and haven’t found what I was looking for.

  1. Right now if I use my Netatmo, there is nothing scheduled using flex scheduling, however if I switch to another PWS about 3km away my flex schedule shows watering to commence on the 19th and 20th. I’m just curious as to how my netatmo is reporting and why is it not planning to schedule any watering events?

  2. I noticed on the web UI when I select my Netatmo the forecast icon is alway Sunny, even though the other stations report cloudy or overcast. Is this because the api between netatmo and MeteoWare isn’t providing this to

Using my Netamo

Using next close by PWS

I would look at your soil moisture graph ( --> Zone details) forecast which will show any forecasted precipitation which would more than likely push flex schedules from running. This is now (today) also available for mobile. It doesn’t make sense though that your forecasts would be that different with stations so close to each other.

Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to this. Might be a question for Our weather provider is Aeris. They essentially retrieve and normalize data from pwsweather (among many other sources) and we consume the data.

Hope this helps.


@huydnguyen, just curious, how new is your Netatmo? Where do you have it placed?

If I Google the station ID, it appears they are using a Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus with Weatherlink-IP. I’m curious if you simply need to calibrate your Netatmo?

Just an idea. Please keep us posted.

Best, Emil

It is fairly new, about 3 weeks old :slight_smile: I have it placed outside on my house in a shady area as suggested by Netatmo.

Not sure what else I would calibrate, I’ve calibrated the Rain gauge and it’s reasonably accurate.

How does Rachio pull in forecasted data from Aeris for all PWS or just ones using service? Curious why when using PWSweather it always displays the “Sunny” forecast Icon no matter what the actual situation is.

Am considering buying a Netamo personal weather station. How has your experience been? Does it integrate with Rachio? Does the Rachio use the data from your own Netamo for its flex schedule?

@Miles267 I’m currently setting up an Ambient weather station and will do a full blog post when done.

I have the meteobridge setup (took about 20 minutes), now I’m waiting for the weather station.

I don’t have any personal experience with Netatmo, but the setup below seemed a little more accurate and also included a rain gauge (which you have to buy separately with Netatmo.)

I ordered the hardware from the following blog post.

Thanks Franz - am going to abort the Netamo and go with the same one you suggested.