Netafim Flow meter/sensor


I have an existing Netafim flow meter installed in the master flow line (copper) for my existing system. Can I use this or must I replace with a recommended sensor?


@jeffhollings It might just work if you know the K-factor and offset. If you know these let us know and we can create a custom option for you to test.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for the response Franz. This meter has a “Reed Switch” which directly counts the flow in gallons. Can that be accommodated?


@jeffhollings Looping in our hardware expert, @Devin Is it possible to use this meter?




Hey Jeff,

I would say in general we likely won’t support it at this time. Our firmware can only handle sensors that output a frequency proportional to flow, whereas your sensor sounds like a pulse output type. Those create a pulse signal based on usage it has seen in the last several seconds (e.g. 5 pulses equals 5 gallons). I believe the firmware could be updated to include support for that type of sensor, but I don’t think that feature is in the road map at this time.

Would you happen to know the actual model number of the sensor? I can look it up and be more certain.

Thank you and hope to hear back from you!




Its Netafim WMR 1" - the WMR stands for “Water Meter Reed Switched”. Do you recommend another Water Meter than can go into a 1" copper pipe?



Hey Jeff,

I looked up that part, and I am fairly confident now that it is the pulse output type. So that’s a no go for now.

However I believe @brad has experience hooking up a 1" CST Flow Sensor to a copper system. I think he could share info of what his setup looks like.

Hope that helps!



Hi Jeff,

Yes, I’ve installed the CST flow sensor that Devin mentioned right inline with my copper piping after my backflow preventer. I used a fitting to go from copper to PVC and then made sure I had a ~10" run of PVC before the flow sensor and ~5" after the flow sensor. Then I have another fitting to take it from PVC back to copper. CST also makes a brass flow sensor, but I believe it’s way more expensive. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.



I would also like to install a flow sensor in the system I am planning right now but unfortunately the supported sensors are too expensive in my opinion. $300 seems pretty steep for a 1" flow sensor. I plan on keeping my eyes open for something more cost effective that I can install in the future.