Nest integration issues

I’m setting up Nest w iOS Safari and keep getting “oops something went wrong try again” messages.

“Works with Nest” program has been discontinued by Nest and their daddy Google. In it’s stead, developers like Rachio, need to migrate their code to “Works with Google Assistant” platform. More on this here:

Legacy Nest integrations could have continued to work, as long as the Nest account was not converted over to the Google account. Not all of the features from “Works with Nest” platform are available via Google Assistant, as such I do not know if Rachio will ever be able to replicate the functionality they used to have.

Overall, this integration has only given me water usage data on the Nest’s monthly newsletter, I cannot say I ever found this feature overly useful as I prefer to have access to the history data when I am actively trying to troubleshoot / concentrate on the lawn care.

I do not use Nest safety protects, and as such cannot comment on usefulness of yard sprinklers turning on when I cook :wink:

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Same here, I cannot see how that is useful. Maybe I’m missing something?