Nelson controller to Rachio

Recieved my 8 zone gen 2 rachio today. I pulled the cover off my ancient nelson controller and obviously the identification marks on the nelson are not the same as the rachio. I have a 7 zone system. No rain sensors that I am aware of (moved into the home several months ago). All the zones work.

From left to right on the nelson controller…

Two 9V slots (1 thin brown wire and 1 thin red wire)
Two 24V slots (1 thin black wire and 1 thin white wire)
1 C slot (2 white wires twisted together in same slot)

1 brown
2 red
3 blue
4 green
5 yellow
6 green
7 red

P - empty slot

I know this picture is bad but I dont want to pull out the wires just yet. Can anyone tell me how to install the rachio?