Need to replace Rachio, how can we do this without having to set everything up again?

I have to replace my Rachio with another Rachio. Found another retailer with a lower price, going to return and buy it again. The first retailer doesn’t price match :frowning:.

How can we do this without having to set everything up again? I spent hours setting everything up the first time, zones, schedules, yard map, etc. Would prefer to minimize having to do most of that again.

Thank you!

You may be able to transfer the settings from old controller to new. There are some restrictions around this though

The new controller has to be newer or same model generation (so if your previous controller was an R3, the new one must also be an R3. R3e is not supported in this currently).

The new controller must have the same or more zones than the old controller (so if you had a 16 zone controller, you would only be able to transfer settings to another 16 zone controller).

Finally, you must not have more than 5 controllers.

If you meet those requirements, you will be able to transfer settings from your old controller to your new controller while setting up the new controller. You must keep your old controller on your account before the transfer. Once you transfer settings, you can remove the old controller from your account.

There’s a few extra details here: