Need help with setting up proper shedule

I’m a little lost on how to set up my schedule according to the various plants/trees/shrubs in each zone.

I have a Racchio 3, and run 3 zones with a drip line. I have all the lines to the various shrubs/trees and can confirm they are working but just want to make sure I don’t over/under water them.

Zone 1 has 5 rocket junipers on north side (so not as much sun) and then in the east facing tree strip ), so far a just blue spruce dwarf. Plan is for more perennials. And gets a good amount of sun.

Zone 2 only has a young serviceberry tree in the south side of the house. But that zone will have a lot more perennials at some point (south and east facing).

Zone 3 is a raised garden bed next to the house (East and South facing), but nothing set up in there just yet.

Not sure how to classify the zones for each. I made sure drip line is selected and am using a smart schedule but not sure how long to set the zones to run.

I’m sure there are a lot of details I’m leaving out to help but it’s a start. Can anyone give some direction?