Need help with LED codes and troubleshooting

I’m WIFI LED on my Gen 1 is giving me the following blink patterns:
2 long red - This one is documented - wifi not set up
2 long red 1 short red - I don’t see this one listed anywhere
3 long red - Don’t see this one either

I have scoured the site for a complete list of the codes, but there doesn’t seem to be one. Can someone help me out?

I received a notice on my iPhone that my controller went offline last Thursday. The documentation says don’t worry, it will keep watering. It doesn’t!

I have successfully connected it back to wifi, only to have it disconnect after 10-15 minutes and it gives me the above blink patterns.

I’d love to get this working again. We have an excessive heat warning in Las Vegas. :frowning:

@mikekeeler - I’d call Rachio support and get on with one of their WiFI gurus or email

Has anything changed with the WiFi setup?

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Hey @mikekeeler-

Any luck on getting in touch with support?

McKynzee :rachio:

Turns out it is a solenoid that is going bad. One support guy heard of this causing wifi to drop. I disconnected the offending zone and the Rachio immediately connected to wifi and started working.

Isn’t that strange?

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How interesting. This was happening even when you weren’t running the zone with a bad solenoid?