Need help... none of my zones are turning on for test

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Please take a look and let me know if anyone has experience with this. Tried to follow the wiring exactly as set before but nothing is coming on for the test portion…

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Sounds like you’ve already make the switch-over to Rachio, if so please post the photos of your new setup so we can better understand what is happening.



@Enunez16 - did all the zones run immediately on a test before the prior controller was disconnected? If not, will a zone run if manually activated at the valve using the bleed screw?

Is there a before picture without bottom wiring cover? There seem to be more wires before around the COMmon terminal than with the Rachio.

What is the white wire bundle connected to?

Sounds like it may be a COMmon wire issue.


did you enable the master valve in programming?

I agree with @DLane, the issue is with the common wire. There appears to be a thick white wire that you’ve left unused after the conversion. It is most likely your common wire and should be connected to a C terminal.

As far as the other wires (red, white and green). It is most likely a sensor of some sort. I would disconnect it for now, until you can trace it to where the cable leads and send us a picture to figure out what kind of sensor / device this is. You should not need it for most of the Rachio functionality.


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