Need Help - Hunter PRO-C to Rachio 2nd Gen

Trying to replace Hunter PRO-C with Rachio 2nd gen. I know COM goes to C and AC1, AC2 and REM don’t go anywhere (they are not needed with Rachio).

What about GND and P/MV? Where do they go?

Also, I see 2 white wires attached to COM - they can go any of the “C”s on Rachio right?

I came from a Pro-C to a G2 Rachio.

Yes, your two white commons should be able to go to either Rachio C terminal.

The Ground terminal from your Hunter should be part of your power cable for the Hunter Pro-C and not used with Rachio as its power cable assembly hands ground.

The P/MV is I believe your pump/master valve terminal and would go to the M terminal on the Rachio. Don’t forget to enable it in the Rachio app settings. I don’t have a master valve so I can’t say for sure.



Now I’m done with everything excerpt Hunter Solar Sync that has a black wire and a green wire that were connected to the Huber SEN1 and SEN2 respectively.

What do I do with these? Do they go in to Rachio 2nd Gen S1/S2 and SC?

I think the short answer is “not needed” as the solar sync unit tried to do much of what the Rachio does natively even though it was doing it locally instead of being based on a nearby (hopefully) weather station. I still have a Hunter Mini Clik rain sensor connected to S1 and SC, but it only stops the Rachio from operating based on how much rain has fallen locally.