Need help hardwiring my outdoor enclosure

I am replacing my simple Orbit controller with a Rachio 3 and Outdoor Enclosure. The Orbit was powered straight off my electrical panel, but it only used 2 wires (a black and a green), not 3. What would be the correct way to connect to the 3 wires on the outdoor enclosure?

Black is usually the hot wire, with white neutral, and green ground. At the panel, the white and green are usually tied to the same place. However, outdoor circuits, like kitchens & bathrooms, are usually on a GFCI for safety. The problem might be if this is, the breaker might pop due to it measuring power being measured across the ground wire. If it is not, a GFCI might be required according to code. I have seen some tie the ground and neutral together, but again, not sure what the code is on that. It might be good to ask an electrician.

There is no outlet, it’s coming straight out of the electrical panel through conduit into the enclosure. On the electrical panel it is on it’s own breaker.

Are you saying it is not a GFCI breaker either?

I’m not sure about the breaker. But there is no outlet, it’s just conduit straight to the controller, which is about 12" to the right of the panel. When I open up the panel there is no white wire, just the green and black.

Definitely not a GFIC breaker since there is no test button. Code restricts combining ground and neutral and require separate wires. Personally I would hire an electrician to pull another wire in that conduit and change the breaker to a GFIC one. This doesn’t pass code and not having a GFI is dangerous if water ever gets into the enclosure.

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