Need help finding gen 1 serial number and transfering data

I just purchased a home with a Rachio controller but can not get it to connect to the app, nor can I find a bar code or serial # the app is asking for! Please help, I would love to be able to use this product!

I don’t know if all generations have it but the Rachio has a cover you’ll need to lift off to find the bar code or serial number. If you can’t see the wires terminating into jacks in the Rachio then the cover is on.

I have pulled the cover off but can not get to the wires, not sure how it comes apart. From the pictures I have been googling, I would think it is a gen 1. I have gotten to what appears to be the circuit board and still see nothing.

@Gator - here is where the serial number is located (back of the front cover on a Gen 1):

If you’re still having issues, post a picture of where you’re stumped and someone will help out.

See if this helps:


Once you have the serial number the Rachio support team ( can transfer the controller settings to you.


You guys are awesome, found the bar code and serial number! Says it’s active so I will contact support and see what they can do. Thanks again everyone!

How do Inget to support? The link you sent takes me to a forum type page.

@gator - You can email or use this page to submit a request (upper right hand corner):

Or use the app to send in a support ticket.


Also, if you direct message me the serial number, old account email and new account email I can have the engineering team transfer for you.