Need Help Figuring out the Sensor Wiring - Rachio 3

Hi…am trying to replace a Hunter Pro C Series with Rachio 3. I just needed a bit of help regarding the sensor wires…in the below pic…there are 5 wires coming out of the white cable whose origin is the sensor unit above the hunter control box…it is named “wireless rain sensor” and also has “irritrol” on it…my question is…where do the wires numbered 1 through 5 go in the Rachio 3…out of the 5 wires from the sensor…2 of them seem to overlap with the electrical ones…please advise…thanks…

EDIT: Took longer to post below than it did for me to find this from Rachio:

Wiring Instructions for a Irritrol Wireless Rain Sensor

Yep, the two red wires are connected to the same terminal as the yellow power wires for your hunter controller. They probably used two yellow wires b/c it doesn’t matter which is wired where (AC1 or AC2), either way it will get the voltage difference across it, which is all the controller needs. The wireless controller needs power also, so it is just grabbing it from your controller, otherwise it would need a plug of its own. Same thing, either wire can go on either power terminal, so they are the same color, this time red.

So, as long as your Hunter plug is actually a power converter that outputs 24VAC (should be labeled), then I’m guessing you’ll need to put the brown wire onto the S1 on the rachio. Both the white and one of red wires onto ‘24 VAC -’. Then the other red wire onto ‘24 VAC +’.

That being said I’m not an expert, and don’t have any experience with any of the devices except the Rachio… so grain of salt. Don’t want anyone frying their circuitry!