Need help connecting Gen 3 to WiFi

Unit has three solid white stripes, three solid blue “breaks” and one flashing white light that never stops. iOS app can’t connect unit to WiFi. Checked all the previous posts and my serial number is AC7140737. My RouteThis key is DKED4AE4. Is there anything else needed to troubleshoot?

@RobPlusTen - try to unplug your router and plug it :electric_plug: back in

Thanks! As the last result of all things computer related :rofl: I did just try that… no dice. Unit is still flashing that fourth white bar… like it’s sooooo close to connecting :sweat_smile:

@RobPlusTen - have you try to press and hold the WiFi button on the unit and then follow the steps within the Rachio

Yes. The app then takes me to setup the accessory on the WiFi but stops saying an unexpected error occurred. Once that happens, the unit goes from on white bar and a flashing orange to the three solid whites with the fourth flashing. The app then goes to trying to add the controller to the WiFi but to no avail…

Smack my grandma… it worked! Normally the app completely dies on the attempt to add it to the WiFi… but not this time! Up and working! Thank you Anthony for double-checking me a keeping me from losing my cool while pacing around the garage late at night! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

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