Need help adding a new zone


Hello, I’ve got a Gen 1 Rachio I’ve been happily using for 3 years now and love it.

After having some landscaping done last summer, the landscaper deactivated (on the sprinkler control unit itself, not the Rachio), 1 zone. I now need to reactivate that zone. I can make this zone run by turning the black knob on the value itself, but cannot get it to work via the Rachio. I’ve tried every de-activated zone in my app, but none will turn it back on. 3 other zones work just fine from within the Rachio app, so I don’t know why this one does not. I’ve uploaded a photo of my sprinkler valve setup (sorry for the bad handwriting in the photo :slight_smile:) so you can see what I’m working with. Please let me know if I can provide any other info to help get this fixed.



Is it possible the zone that is not working is not wired in to the Rachio controller/


Good question - I checked the Rachio unit and there are 5 wires leading into it, and, a year ago this zone did run via the Rachio, so I do not think it’s an issue of not being wired into the Rachio


Sounds like wiring issues or faulty valve. If you have access to a multimeter you can measure if there is voltage going to the valve when you activate the zone in the controller. You can measure first in the controller side from zone X to common position and then on the valve side.


You were right, fpuig - it was indeed a wiring issue. We reconnected the wiring from the faulty zone and everything is working after reconnecting the writing.