Need Explanation on Soil moisture content

When I look at my soil moisture content it might be 70 or higher percent after watering, bUT then the next day, my soIL moisture content registers as zero. The soil is not dry. It is still moist. Do you have any comnent. Is there a reason to be concerned?

There are many factors that can affect this. One of which is Allowed Depletion. When your moisture level hits this level, it will water again. Default is 50%… meaning that when your soil is depleted 50% of moisture, it waters. The system is not saying the soil is dry when it’s trying to water again with a 50% depletion rate. The soil will still be moist at 50%. The higher you go up on that percentage, the longer the system will wait to water again and the dryer your soil will be before watering.

Check out “What are moisture levels?”

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@robertokc Have you noticed this as a shift in a previously fine schedule ? It might be worth a peek at your weather station info. to see if it’s still connected to the expected station and you’re getting fed the ET data you’re expecting.

If your co is set too high this can happen.mmif your,mad is too low this can happen, if your awc is too low this can happen. If your pr is set below reality, this can happen.

If you post a zip code we can look up your soil type and double check the awc. Have you completed a catch cup test.

Plainsane, would really appreciate if you wouldn’t mind making Rachio Gen 2 controller configuration settings for me also. Zip code: 72718. Thank you in advance.

It’s all over there, pm my your street address

The watering times and zone selections on even days seem right on. I have no way of telling what the daily ET amount is from the station.

@robertokc I’m not sure if we have enough exposure to the data other than to look in the app. and see if you’re pointint to the station that you expect, and getting the right temps, sun exposure & humidity.

This is all I get, too. However I am able to look at daily ET rates from the Oklahoma Mesonet. Your weather station network is AZMET I think.

Interesting. I looked up AZMET and sure enough found ET numbers there. Thanks!