Need a qualified contractor

I am looking for a contractor in the St. Petersburg, Florida area. I have talked to two installers and they were unfamiliar with the product; another recommended against it given the difficulties he encountered installing one. Any suggestions?

@Kennetht76, Believe it or not, it’s really not that hard to install. Maybe your thinking that’s easer said then done.
If you can take some pictures of your current controller wiring all you need to do after that is unhook those wires from your controller, remove your old controller box, install the Rachio controller and use the picture/s you took of the wiring and transfer those wires to the Rachio controller connecting each zone as was on your old controller. After that you can plug in your Rachio. Download the app to your mobile device, configure your zones, and setup a watering schedule.
That’s my suggestion, save the money you would pay a contractor and do it yourself.


Please feel free to try the installer below.

Jim Serina North Tampa Irrigaton Tampa, FL FIS 813.967.4903

By chance do you remember the installer who had some difficulties with our controller? I would love to reach out and answer any questions they had.

Have a great day!

This is what we have now. I think we need an entire new system.

I forget the name of the company. It was a few months ago.

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Try the suggestion from George. These contractors need to get with the program and learn about installation. It’s not hard at all. I did it myself after reading directions and watching some videos. In my state of Oklahoma we have similar problems with smart controller installations.

No problem…please feel free to call Jim from North Tampa Irrigation. He’ll be able to help you out.

If you need anything else, we are here to help.

Welcome to the family!

Oh, yes I thought you already were running from a current wired sprinkler controller. Yeah, you need a system which will have your water lines attached to sprinkler valves/zone wired, and then those wires would go into your sprinkler controller box per each zone.
Interesting current setup you have running basically from your outside water spigot, and two pvc lines running into your ground.
Good luck in your search for your contractor, but it looks as though @George may have found one for you.

Thank you all for your suggestion. Will call Jim tomorrow

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